Faith Formation: RCIA

The Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults is a program through which prepares adults to become members of the Catholic Church.  It is a period of discernment which will answer many questions for new or aspiring Catholics and includes discussion, prayer, friendship, and mutual support for you in your decision making.  The Class of 2018 has its first meeting on Thursday, August 31 and meets each Thursday evening, except holidays, thereafter through Easter.  Candidates who so choose can be baptized and/or confirmed into full membership in the Catholic Church at the Easter Vigil service on the Saturday before Easter.  

Participation is non binding and without any pressure.  Some people choose to join the Church at the Easter Vigil and others sometimes decide that the timing or choice is not yet right for them.  No judgment is made on anyone by either participants or team members, regardless of a participant's decision.  Some participants choose to participate again even after being received.  Others choose to wait to be received while participating again.  A sincere desire to learn about the Catholic Faith is the main requirement for admission to the program.  

Contact the Church Office during the week or speak to Fr. Matthew or contact one of theRCIA Team members at for more information.