Second Wednesday


Second Wednesday has been at St. Elizabeth's since the 1980's, and meets every second Wednesday of the month.  They are a group that gets together for the 12:15 PM Wednesday Mass and afterwards gathers in the Pat Jones Hall for a covered dish luncheon and fellowship.  It is open to Parishioners of all ages, visitors, and guests.  Children with adult accompaniment are always welcome.  If you decide to join them for a luncheon, you won't be a stranger for long.

Although the emphasis is on good food and good fellowship, there may sometimes be a program or speaker who has been invited or has requested to speak to the group.  There may be games or contests.  Other activities include helping with games or other things needed at church festivals or events and fundraising by selling crafts or hosting luncheons.  They often take on special projects such as raising money to provide wrist GPS's for people with Alzheimer's so that police can locate them when they wander.   The group has bought several outdoor canopies that are used at church events.  They even raised the money to help put new flooring in the Pat Jones Hall in 2016.  Its members are very active in, and,actually coordinate several area ministries and programs for the hungry and the homeless.  

This group is a good place to start if you want to get involved at St. Elizabeth of the Hill Country Catholic Church because the group or its members are connected to just about every program in the Church.