Adult Education Ministries

St. Elizabeth Parish offers several programs geared toward adults throughout the year.  Our Dare Lumine program, which has met at the Catholic Campus Ministry Building on Faculty Street on Sunday mornings is geared toward younger adults but all adults are welcome.  It is currently led by a parishioner who is an employee of the Charlotte Diocese and her husband.  

Our Catholic Cafe meets at the Church on Sunday mornings weekly from mid-August through mid-May.  This is a less structured discussion based group which is focused on both practicing and aspiring Catholics who seek a better understanding of the Faith.  The program seeks to give practicing Catholics a basic understanding of the Catechism, the Code of Canon Law, and the General Instructions of the Roman Missal as they apply to the practice of the Faith in our Parish and in our lives.  Catholics and aspiring Catholics of any age are welcome to participate in this group.  If you are interested in leadership openings for this group, please contact the Faith Formation Director or speak to a Lay Assistant at any Mass.

Subject Specific religion and Bible studies are offered throughout the year.  Those interested should check our website, social media, and bulletin notices for what is currently being offered.  Persons interested in offering a program or heading a program offered by the Church should contact Fr. Matthew or the Faith Formation Director.

The Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults (RCIA) is an education and discernment program for adults who are interested in becoming Catholics and joining our Parish.  Catholics who feel a need to learn more about their Church are also welcome to attend.  The class meets weekly on Thursday night from mid August until just before Pentecost.  It is currently led by Fr. Matthew Codd, our pastor, with assistance and support from RCIA Team Members who rotating teaching assignments.  If you have an interest in participating in this group, please contact Fr. Matthew directly.