Catholic Cafe

Catholic Cafe meets weekly from 9:30 am - 10:30 am on Sunday in the downstairs Library during the Faith Formation year which runs from mid August through mid May.   It is a non-structured discussion group for adults of all ages.  Subjects include prayer and daily readings, recent Catholic and parish news and happenings, and issues and concerns of the Parish, the Diocese, or the Church as a whole.  

A lot of new ideas which have been implemented in the Parish since Cafe was brought back to St. Elizabeth's originated in discussions in the Cafe.  If you want to not only be in on what's going on in the Parish, but be at the very forefront of it and have a say in it, Catholic Cafe is the place to be.  

  If you have questions about your Faith or you just want to learn more about your Catholic Faith or our Parish, Catholic Cafe is also a good place to get the right information and answers.  Fr. Matthew and Parish staff members frequently either drop in or sit in with the Cafe.  Cafe is a good place to get to know them better and get answers to questions from them.

If you would like more information on getting involved with Catholic Cafe, you can call the Parish Office, speak with a Lay Assistant at any Mass, or simply click HERE to let us know of your interest or ask questions.  Better yet, just drop by and join us!