Catholic Retention Ministry

This Ministry seeks to identify Parishioners who may be experiencing doubts, issues, or problems with their Catholicism or our Parish.  We then seek to aid them in working through these issues with the primary aim of helping them to keep their Faith intact.  Our aim is to reduce the loss of faithful Catholics to self doubt, Faith doubt, or outside influences which create such doubts to ZERO.

Self doubt and Faith doubt is not an uncommon thing.  Assuming the Parish Clergy is even aware of specific problems, they can be more numerous and take up more time than Clergy has available.  Often, for various reasons, individuals are  reluctant to share their doubts and problems with Clergy.  Then there is a need for caring, trustworthy, and knowledgeable Lay persons who can recognize problems and assist individuals in dealing with them or direct them to persons who can deal with them.

If you feel that you are interested in becoming a part of or assisting with this Ministry in any way, please contact Fr. Matthew, the Parish Office, or Ed Herring at Email.