Employment Opportunities

Position in Parish Religious Education

St. Elizabeth of the Hill Country Catholic Church is seeking a full-time person to administer and direct its Religious Education programs.  Applicant must be an enthusiastic and active practicing Catholic who is in good standing with the Catholic Church and their Parish.  Applicant will need to have a general working knowledge of holic traditions and teachings and a general familiarity with the Catechism and Canon Law.  Applicant will be required to develop a knowledge of Charlotte Diocese policies, procedures, and guidelines and keep programs within those guidelines.  This person will work enthusiastically and creatively with parishioners, children, youth, clergy, church staff, and diocese staff to develop a comprehensive religious education program for the entire St. Elizabeth parish with the objective of growing and expanding our programs and leading everyone into a deeper life with Christ.  The successful candidate will report directly to the Pastor.   A college degree will be required.  Spring 2019 candidates for graduation who are otherwise qualified may be considered.  Candidates should be available for employment by July 1, 2019.  A related degree and/or experience in the field of Catholic Christian education is preferred as is some knowledge of the Spanish language.  A candidate may be considered with less than the preferred qualifications if one can demonstrate extraordinary enthusiasm, creativity, proficiency, a willingness to train, and a love of the Catholic Faith.  Candidates will be required to undergo a background check and drug testing prior to employment.  Pay, title, and benefits will be commensurate with education, experience, and the degree of responsibility which candidate is initially given with opportunity for advancement for lesser qualified candidates.  If interested, please contact or submit a resume and references to Fr. Matthew Codd, Pastor at St. Elizabeth of the Hill Country Catholic Church, 259 Pilgrims Way, Boone, NC  28607.  Fr. Matthew may also be contacted at the email address or phone number given HERE. 


Job Openings and Requirements are posted on this page.  If no openings are currently listed and you are interested in possible future employment with the St. Elizabeth Parish, you may submit a resume with your job interest and qualifications to:


Attn: Fr. Matthew Codd

St. Elizabeth of the Hill Country Catholic Church

259 Pilgrims Way

Boone, North Carolina   28607 

We will keep your information on file in strict confidence for a minimum of two years.  If a position that you have indicated that you are qualified for and interested in becomes available during that period, we will contact you to establish your continued interest and availability.  After two years, you should update your resume and resubmit it if you wish to remain in our files.