March for Life 2019

They're Off!  Our March For Life 2019 Group left on our chartered bus on Thursday morning, January 16 at 7:00 AM.  Pray that their efforts will result in saved lives.

Photo Courtesy of Amber Mellon

What?  No Food Yet?  (Reading Matt's mind via cyberspace)

Photos by Kathy Camilleri




They Have Arrived!








Fellowship after first night dinner and prayer before Mass



                Crunch Time --  The March Begins!                                             Our Bishop and Seminarians!                                                                                


                                                                                                                   Photo from Catholic News Herald


Catholic Campus Ministry

Was Well Represented In Our Group

Photo Credit Lori Johnson Elliott


NC Mass at March for Life

 Photo Credit Michael Furst


Largest March Ever!



You can see Facebook videos of our Seminarian Group at the March at the links below.  Look for Michael Camilleri!


Video of the North Carolina Mass with some familiar faces


Slide Show link to random march pictures


Condensed video of the awesomeness of the entire march


Our Group returned safely to the staging area at St. Elizabeth some time during the wee hours of Friday night or Saturday morning.  We're already planning for next year's March for Life 2020.  The date of the March is January 24, 2020.  Plans are for the buses to leave on Thursday morning, January 23 and return the night of January 24 after the March.  You can go, too.  Contact the Parish Office or Kathy Camilleri and let us know that you or your group want to be part of March for Life 2020.