Parish News

RCIA Classes Begin

An enthusiastic group of people ranging in age from college age to retired met together for the first session of the RCIA Class of 2019.  Joining them in a show of support were a number of alums from the last three RCIA classes of past years.  If the first class was any indication, this year should be exciting, educational, and interesting.  The new Team Leader, Tom Trueman, started things off with a bang, assisted by Fr. Matthew Codd, and 2019 Team Members Janette Bracken, Carol Brown, and Ralph Lentz.  Members of this class who complete the class and choose to do so will be received into Full Communion in the Catholic Church at the Easter Vigil on Saturday, April 20, 2019.

Prayer List

 Lucy Parsons, Doris Hutt, Ronnie Kowal, Pat Sabatino, Sara Miller, Bev Rosen, Norma Crawford, Julie Johnson, Joseph Werres, Peg Olszewski, Joe Miller, Maureen O’Connor, Barbara Barnes, Michael & Diane Assante, Christine Zabolitzki, Alexandra Berry, Marc Shockley, Frances Ezzell, Ruth Drohan, Harry Rosen, Jeanne Morris, Mary Cuerdo, Deborah Martin, Christopher Geis, John White, Franzi Rokoske, James Mullins, Tammy Clearwater, Candace Lang, Tony Philman