Parish News

Youth Ministry Kickoff Planning Meeting

Our new Youth Ministry leader, Jason Parker, held a meeting with parents, interested high schoolers, Fr. Matthew, and supporters to share his plans for the new Youth Ministry on Thursday evening.  Jason presented a very well laid out plan for forming our high schoolers into a closely bonded Catholic group of young people who will be Faith centered and fun oriented.  Jason's plan is based on some very successful past experiences that he has had in various locations in the past as a Youth Minister. Jason was also involved with what was, at the time, a very active Youth Ministry program at St. Elizabeth Parish when he first came to Boone some years back.  He hopes to revive the spirit and excitement that existed among St. Elizabeth youth back then in this Ministry.

Jason has plans to bring interested parents, as well as some college students, onto his Team as leaders, assistants, and mentors.  He talked about the kinds of people he wants involved.  It was brought out that some of our incoming college students, as well as several parents, have already indicated an interest in and willingness to work with this Ministry.  The group in attendance listened and participated well and seemed to have a great deal of excitement and enthusiasm about the prospects for the Ministry.  

Several who attend the Hispanic Language Mass were also in attendance.  Jason and organizers have set assimilation of Catholic high schoolers of all backgrounds into this Ministry as a prioritized goal.  Making that happen will hopefully result in a more united group of Parishioners for the future and bring current Parishioners who tend to stay with their own ethnic groups closer together.  

If you are interested in volunteering with this Ministry or you wish to participate in it, contact Jason Parker at 828-264-8272.  Email is

Music Ministry Meets

Music Director Brandon Winbush hosted the Music Ministry Group at a brunch and planning session meeting at his home on Saturday, August 12th.  Led by Brandon, goals and schedules were discussed and set for the coming year by the Group.  Types of music to be used seasonally was also discussed as were seasonal concerts and special concerts.  The need for new members to staff choirs for the different Masses was looked at as were ways of recruiting additional new members.  Ways to open the Music Ministry up to college students and make it more welcoming to them were discussed.  Ways to involve the Music Ministry in the Youth and Children's Ministry were talked about and are being studied.  Possible Music Ministry Retreats and out of town trips were also discussed.  All in all, a very productive three hours were spent discussing ways to make the Music Ministry more active in the Parish and more of an asset to the Parish.

RCIA Class of 2018 To Begin Classes

Fr. Matthew has announced that the RCIA Class of 2018 will begin classes on Thursday, August 31 at 7:00 PM.  Classes will meet every Thursday from 7:00 PM until 8:30 PM thereafter (except holidays) through Easter in the upstairs Youth Room.  For more information, contact Fr. Matthew at the Parish Office or contact any RCIA Team member.  Further contact information can be found on this website under the Contact Us tab.

Faith Formation to Begin

Faith Formation Director Ellisa Hayes has announced the beginning of Faith Formation for this year.  The first class will meet on Sunday, September 10 at 9:15 AM downstairs in the Pat Jones Hall.  Children and youth will meet their Catechists and then adjourn to their classrooms at 9:30.  The meeting will then continue with just the parents at 9:30 AM.  

Participants must register for Faith Formation prior to August 27.  Forms are available on a table at the bulletin board in the Gathering Space.  Forms can be returned there or to the Parish Office either directly or by mail.  No online registration is available.  

For more information, contact Faith Formation Director Ellisa Hayes at the Parish Office. 

Parish Student Registration

Our University Miniistry now has an Online Student Registration Form.  Catholic students can register and to let us know they're here. Then we can get information to them on how to become involved in our Parish and what's available here for them.  Registration is for both new and returning students.

Registration Forms are also available in the Gathering Space at St. Elizabeth Church.  They may also be at Contact Tables that will be on campus, and at Appstate Catholic Campus Ministry.