Paving & Entrance Walk Fund

Our paving at St. Elizabeth's needs attention.  Bids and proposals are being received and evaluated now for repair, renovation, and repaving as needed for our entrance street, parking lots, and entrance walk and curb areas.  This is going to be a very expensive project requiring more funding than our regular operating budget is currently able to support  Therefore, we are establishing a special fundraising project for this purpose.  

In conjunction with paving, our Stone Entrance Walk has deteriorated.  It is being redesigned so as to be safer and easier for people to use.  Specifically, the step up and step down curbs are being removed so as to eliminate tripping complaints at those areas.  When you contribute the the paving fund, this is part of what you are contributing to.  

If you can currently give a little or a lot to help us with repaving our drives and parking lots and making our front entrance easier and safer for people walking, please contact the Parish Office, Fr. Matthew, or just add your check designated for St. Elizabeth Paving Fund to your weekly collection envelope.  Your generosity is very much appreciated.