St. Elizabeth Physical Plant

The St. Elizabeth Physical Plant has a part time custodial service provided by members of our Parish.  There are also volunteers who assist with this, particularly after Masses and events.  

Systems maintenance is done by contractors.  Minor repairs and maintenance, such as the changing of light bulbs, etc., are often handled by some of our volunteer handymen.  The Knights of Columbus and our Spanish Language Group members are very good at providing crews for the occasional jobs that require multiple people, heavy lifting, or skilled labor.  

Whenever volunteers can't be recruited to handle needed maintenance and repairs, it is necessary to contract it out.  Hiring and Supervision of Contractors is usually handled by one of our Lay Assistants who does this on a regular basis.

If you have skills and knowledge, or just a willingness to help out in this area, please contact our Parish Office or speak with a Lay Assistant at Mass to volunteer.