Volunteer Opportunities


Contact us HERE to inquire about or volunteer yourself or your group for any job listed in the volunteer opportunities below.  To volunteer, click on the link, or follow the contact instructions in the listings.

Volunteer Opportunity -- The Hospitality House Winter Shelter is now open.  St. Elizabeth Catholic Church volunteers assist with evening check-ins every Friday throughout the winter.  Two volunteers are needed for each Friday evening from 5:20 PM until 6:45 PM.  If you can help with this, please contact Herlinda Poe at 828-262-9907.

Volunteer Opportunity -- Hospitality House Bread of Life Committee would like to thank the following Committee Members for their service during the past year.  They are:  Matt Bagley; Tina Hogan; Tish Rokoski; Doris Bazzini; Karen James; Ed Rossi; Rose Bridgeman; Sheryl Kane; Jan Rowe; Kathy Case; Carolyn Kanoy; Mary Rupp; Sandy Clearwater; Hei Young Kim; Tessa Russo; Besty Craft; Yvonne Mack; Joni & Mike Salzano; JoAnn Delucia; Amber Mellon; Sanqui Family; Mary Ann Deni; Maureen Moses; Nate & Judy Seamone; Mary Greene; Patty Nelsen; Carol Thompson; Mark & Kendra Gould; Debbie Passalacqua; Julie & Tom Trueman; Lois Hamer; Andi Peters; Nancy & Gary Tuberty      It is now time to start planning for next year. I have already heard from most of our existing volunteers but we are in need of new participants as well. We serve one dinner per month on the third Thursday. Please give me a call if you have any questions or would like to join this ministry. I can be reached at 828-265-6677 or email: judy.seamone@verizonwireless.com.

Volunteer Opportunity -- Volunteer Handymen are always needed around the Parish.  We keep a To Do List in the office.  Go to our online Volunteer Signup Page or call the Church Office for information or to help.